About Herbst Academy

Motivate and enhance your team’s proficiency on the system by providing them with tools to self-learn at their convenience. 100s of hours of video organised in short quick courses, also including demonstration of specific business scenarios, along with “Hints & Tips” videos. Constantly being updated directly by the Herbst Continuous Customer Care Team (CCC), with the latest know-how and what’s what.

Herbst Academy is a learning platform which should be a useful addition to any organisation over a certain size. Of course academy is not a complete replacement for the face to face workshop training sessions, but it’s a strong addition to any organisation. As an easy to use tool, designed for all types of Herbst Insight user, in particular.

  • The New employees
  • The intermediate user (trying to expand their knowhow)
  • The more advanced users for (recommendations & refreshers)
  • Senior management, with ideas and suggestions

We here at Herbst Software also use HerbstAcademy internally as our goto learning tool.

Why Join Herbst Academy?

  1. Comprehensive Course Library: Gain unlimited access to 40+ expertly crafted courses covering various aspects of our software, with new courses added every month to ensure you stay ahead of the curve.
  2. Practical Demonstration Videos: Explore 20+ detailed demonstration videos that walk you through specific functionalities and applications, helping you to implement solutions efficiently.
  3. Continuous Learning and Support: With 30 Hints & Tips available, you can continuously learn and apply new strategies to optimise your usage of our software.
  4. Early Access to Updates: Be the first to know about new releases and features with early access to updates, ensuring your team can leverage the latest advancements as soon as they are available.

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Becoming a member of Herbst Academy means investing in your professional growth and the success of your organisation. With regular content updates and a wide array of learning materials, you can continuously upskill your team and boost productivity across your organisation.

Empower your business with the knowledge and tools provided by Herbst Academy. Sign up today to start your journey towards enhanced efficiency and expertises.

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