What is Herbst Academy and how it works

Herbst academy is our new online courses and training facility! We created Herbst academy to offer a cost effective and more efficient way to deliver knowledge directly to our customers.

This subscription based service offers you unlimited access to training videos and focused day courses, allowing you to upskill your team and get the most out of your system, whether you’re in the office or from the comfort of your home.
With 1 new course being added each month, you have the opportunity to continuously upskill your team & increase productivity throughout your organisation.

All online training courses available to your team
One new course every month
Exclusive live webinars with complementary topics and Q&As
Early access to outcome releases
One subscription, 5 users!

How it Works

Each course will equate to one full day of structured training. For user convenience, we have set out clear defined topics within chapters which can be watched independently. There are approx 12 main topics per course. Chapters will have one (or more) exercise showing a relevant problem and demonstrating solutions.

Membership Request Form

Please provide your company and the individual details of the attendees of the course.

    Choose your Package:

    We will contact you with the course fee and payment method details.

    Why should I become a member?

    Learn something new every month
    Watch and learn anywhere at anytime
    Control progress of each user from the administrator panel
    Give all employees the opportunity to get better at their routine tasks
    Enhance business processes
    Avoid small mistakes using our system
    Attend exclusive live Q&A sessions and webinars
    Get early access to new release candidates